Energy Automation

Innovative Solutions for Energy Management


Remote control of AV/MV substations for production (wind, hydroelectric, photovoltaic, etc.) and distribution plants.


Management and telecontrol systems for production and power distribution plants.


Development of embedded systems for Multiprotocol Gateway and Data Logger functionality.


We are able to provide complete support for all the phases of implementation: design, management, development, commissioning and maintenance.


Remote Control for real World


Power Plants Management Systems


We are dedicated to understanding your needs, uncovering opportunities, generating innovative ideas, executing projects and delivering tangible results!

Cloud Service

We offer highly customizable hosting services that can be tailored to meet the individual service level requirements of our customers.

In-house Installations

Our renewable plants management software can be installed either in-house on the client's infrastructure or on their preferred hosting partner.

Service Desk

We pride ourselves in offering our clients a strong support service, backed by dedicated resources with extensive skills and expertise.

Software Maintenance

We offer software support that allows for continuous improvement and the introduction of new features in a step-by-step manner.


We provide comprehensive training courses for the use of remote control systems, conducted either at your location or ours.


We conduct on-site activities and rigorous functional tests for all software systems that we have designed and/or developed.

One System

Our extensive portfolio offers complete solutions that are compatible with diverse technologies and manufacturers.

Quality and Experience

We possess the capacity and expertise to deliver comprehensive turn-key operation management systems.


We love what we do...


Our experienced team, with roots since the 90s, specializes in automation systems for industries and remote control of renewable energy plants. We prioritize professional skills and continuous learning, forming the basis of our approach and proposal philosophy.

Custom Solutions

At Sirius, we deliver tailored solutions with the best market products, free from brand constraints.
Our modular and open architecture ensures seamless integration and adaptability to meet your unique needs.

Innovative Products

By capitalizing on the immense capabilities of our internal research and development group, we have been able to conceptualize and create a remarkable portfolio of innovative products that proudly hold their place at the pinnacle of the market.


In order to construct intricate systems, every link in the chain must possess strength and reliability, contributing to the solidity of the overall project. Sirius serves as a dependable partner, accompanying you throughout the entire business development cycle.


Sirius was founded in 2000 as a result of the collaboration between the Polytechnic of Turin's business incubator and a team of experts aiming to develop advanced software systems for power plant management and energy transmission.

The founding members of Sirius had already amassed substantial experience in the Energy Automation industry since the early 1990s, working closely with renowned companies in the field. This collective expertise served as the foundation for the company's growth and success.

Throughout the years, Sirius has successfully provided solutions to prominent players in the electrotechnical market. Since 2006, we have integrated our solutions into the VireoX products, which are sophisticated management systems specifically designed for the analysis and remote control of renewable energy plants.
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